"Young students can do much more with technology than we can even imagine, we just need to give them the chance."

Brad Flickinger

iBand Dressed Rehearsal a Success

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Yesterday the iBand members had to come dressed in their 80′s attire ready to rock their songs. The songs sounded great and they are ready to perform and next week’s Kids Can Make a Difference Festival where they are raising money for the Libraries for All organization. This festival is the culminating event for their tech badges they earned using lessons from Atomic Learning.







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iPad iBand rehearsals going great

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The fourth and fifth graders have been rehearsing their 80′s songs for their performance at the upcoming Kids Can Make a Difference Festival.




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Mr. Flick’s Tech Badges: Tech Basics 02

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For my second badge I have my students work on their tech basics. These are things like how to open documents, the difference between save and save as, and how to save files to our school server. Most of my badges build upon the badge before. So as you can see, now that the students know how to use their Netbooks, now they need to know how to do work on them. I store all of the lessons (videos) on our Atomic Learning account.


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Mr. Flick’s Tech Badges: Netbook Basics 01

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I start with Netbook Basics as my first tech badge because my students need a solid understanding of how their main piece of technology works before they can do anything else. For this badge the students review all the parts of the netbook so they know what everything does, they also must know the proper name for everything. There are no “do-hickeys” or “thing-a-bobs,” they must use the correct name. It is so much easier when a student comes and asks me for a VGA cable instead of; “You know that thing that connects to that other thing.”
Students also learn the Netbook Rules, so that we can minimize damage and mis-use.
Although students would love to jump into filmmaking, first they need to know how to run what they already have.
-Brad Flickinger, tech teacher, Bethke Elementary

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