School Technology Websites I Like: Prezi

I have a confession to make -- I hate Powerpoint presentations.

Maybe it is because I have had to sit through so many bad school presentations that when a student or teacher gets up to do a Powerpoint presentation my skin starts to crawl and I look for excuses to leave the room. I think you know what I mean:

- ugly slides - too many bullet points - bad graphics - sound effects - too many transitions

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

So imagine my surprise last month when I was sitting in a class having to watch student presentations on the religion of Islam when a student got up and gave a presentation like I had never seen before...

It was so very cool, the only way to explain it is for you to see it yourself. I immediately got up after the presentation and asked the student what it was. He simply replied - Prezi.

What the crud was Prezi?

I went back to my classroom and looked it up. Sure enough it is a new Web 2.0 website that allows you to make what I call "anti-Powerpoint" presentations. Prezi Website

WORD OF WARNING! Like most new school technology: Prezi is like a superpower, if it gets into the wrong hands it can be used for evil, I have seen Prezi presentations that are so bad they can make the audience car sick. So be careful with it!

To see Prezi in action just watch this TED talk from James Geary on metaphors: