How to make a student iPad podcasting studio.

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This past summer I converted our conventional podcasting studio with PCs over to iPads in hopes of improving the workflow. To be honest, I amazed at how easy podcasting is now for my elementary students. Here are the basics:

iPad number 1: Sound Effects. The host of each episode has this iPad his/her desk in the studio, this iPad used the Soundboard app from Ambrosia for all of the different sound effects that we use to make a show; laughter, applause, ohh-ahhh, etc. Before converting to iPads, the sound effect were handled by a different students, which often led to some mis-timed sound effects, now that the host Han control his/her own sound effects, the show is much better.

iPad number 2: Music. Before each show we play about 10 minutes of music while students come into their classrooms, this allows teachers to adjust the volume of the show. We mostly play Kidz Bop songs from the Music app since the lyrics have been scrubbed clean for our young audience.

iPad number 3: AudioBoo. We connect our sound mixer's USB cable into the bottom of this iPad through the Camera Connection Kit. Each show is recorded into the AudioBoo app and then we add album art and upload to our AudioBoo account which is then picked up by iTunes within an hour. AudioBoo also sends out a Tweet using our school's Twitter account.

That's it. What used to take us about 13 steps to get each episode from our studio to iTunes, now happens in three. Here is a link to our show on iTunes.

- Brad Flickinger, Tech Teacher, Bethke Elementary


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  1. Very neat and nice recording studio. Is it possible to give some info/brand/types of used hardware (is this a mixer with a “USB out”- port that directly connects to the camera connection kit of the Ipad) ?

  2. We use the Behringer XENYX X1622USB USB Mixer.

  3. Brad, this looks like what might be the next step in my Podcasting adventure! What other tools (besides iPad and Mixer) do you suggest? I’ll be writing a grant soon, so any info is much appreciated!

  4. Brad,

    One of the teachers in my ipad course just bookmarked this post after reading it using the Flipboard app. I now see that I’ve got to figure out how you did all this so that I can include it into our class. I listened to a couple episodes. What fun!

    I always knew you did good work.

  5. Tell me the 3 easy steps from getting it from audioboo to itunes.

  6. Years ago those who produced music used big time hardware such as Ensoniq ASR10 and Akai MPC to create their
    own brand of beats. Your snares or claps will go on
    the 2 and the 4, and your kicks will go however you see fit, play with it until
    something sticks and sounds cool.


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