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This past year some my fifth grade students participated in an 80s cover band in which they only played iPads as instruments. They did it as part of a fundraising project to help end child poverty in Nicaragua. There efforts were very successful and this past week I have been in Nicaragua to check on the projects they helped to fund.

One of our biggest concerns was for proper sanitation at an orphanage. On Sunday I visited the orphanage and I am happy to report that they now have a flushing toilet! Watching water swirl in a toilet bowl might not seem exciting to you, but to these kids it is a big step in the right direction to a better, more healthy, life.

To me this is just more proof that many of the problems our world faces can be fixed with some of the simplest of solutions, like how a bunch of kids singing 80s songs can improve life to some orphans thousands of miles away.

For me this started out as just a tech project that I wanted an authentic purpose, but what I got back was so much more.

Brad Flickinger, tech teacher, Bethke Elementary


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