Atomic Learning Now a Blackboard Signature Partner

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Atomic Learning, award-winning provider of online training, has joined the Blackboard Partnerships™ program as a Blackboard Signature Partner™.

A trusted training solutions provider, Atomic Learning provides online resources to help colleges and universities with technology training and support. Short and concise “how to” tutorials on popular software applications and learning management systems, as well as workshops on educational technology concepts help faculty, staff and students learn how to efficiently integrate and effectively utilize technology.

Through this partnership, customers of Atomic Learning will have access to online video training for instructors and students, including:

•    Blackboard Learn 9.1 Instructor Video Tutorial Training •    Blackboard Learn 9.1 Instructor - Advanced Video Tutorial Training

Atomic Learning Review: Effective Online Teaching and Learning

#edtech #edchat #elearning This morning I logged into my Atomic Learning account to catch up on a couple of things I needed to learn to work more with Blackboard when I noticed that they had just released a new training course on Effective Online Teaching and Learning. Since I have just spent the last year developing some of my own online courses I was intrigued by their new course.

I clicked on the link and watched the intro video (see below). It was just what I was looking for. The course is broken down into four major chapters:

1) Build Your Understanding: workshops on how to create a great online course.

2) Put This Concept Into Practice: shows three different online courses so you can get an idea of what a good online course should look like.

3) Reflect and Apply: is full of workshops on how to share your work with others.

4) Reference Tools: this is the technical "how-to's" to all the different applications for delivering online courses. In fact, this is where I ended up because of the links to the Blackboard training tutorials.

Here is the video that caught my eye:

- Brad Flickinger, Bethke Elementary School

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My ISTE 2010 School Technology Predictions

The ISTE 2010 Conference starts in just a couple of days, so before I pack my backs and go I would like to make a few predictions about what will be the thing this year.

Drumroll please...

Ubiquitous Education: Anywhere - Anytime Education. Think about it, students being able to access their education from anywhere they are at anytime they want. In my district students cannot access their student folder on the school's server from home, so we moved them all over to Google Docs and now they can access their school work from anywhere they have the Internet. I like to call it portable learning.

So I believe what we are going to see a lot at this years ISTE conference are products and services that promote this type of learning. Here are a few examples:

Netbooks: they are small and portable - perfect for ubiquitous education. provides their quick video tutorials any thousands of subject that you can get to anytime you need their help.

iPods/iPads: apps promoting curriculum when and where the student wants to learn. Check out this frog dissection...

Student Learning Systems: services like Blackboard which allows students to access their lessons anytime and anywhere they want.

I can't wait to see what the vendors and speakers will be offering this year -- I hope to be blown away.