Brad Flickinger has always been a geek and a maker. His fondest childhood memories are of taking things apart and programming computers. In high school, he worked at his favorite hangout – Radio Shack, where he was in geek heaven helping other people with their problems they had with electronics and early computers. After high school, Brad left for Australia on a "walk-about" and after a couple of years he must have figured things out because he came back, married his high school sweetheart, and began his career in the newspaper industry.

After 7 years as the publisher/owner of three weekly newspapers, Brad saw the writing on the wall about the future of his newspapers and the Internet, so he sold them and escaped to Costa Rica with his young family. Brad soon became bored of surfing and decided to be 3rd-grade teacher at a private English school.

After teaching for a while, Brad felt that he needed to get back to the States and return to the publishing business, which by this time had started to collapse. Thus, Brad went over to the other side and managed a web design firm near Seattle.

Brad soon realized that a cubicle tech farm was not for him – he wanted back in the classroom. He left the tech business before the bubble burst in 2000 and returned to the classroom as a high school business-ed teacher. By this time, his wife Monique has started her career as a principal- she had become one of "them." And after a few years he became one of “them” as the director of technology for his district.

But Brad couldn't stay away from the classroom, so he returned to the classroom which he calls his "dream job." Brad taught technology at Bethke Elementary in northern Colorado. His students produced the longest running and most popular student podcast on iTunes. His student-made movies have had over 230,000 online views, and in 2012, he received the Leadership Award from Edtech Digest for his blog that gets over 70,000 visitors a month.

Brad currently lives in Panama City, Panama with his wife and continues to spend his summers traveling the world as an Edtech speaker at conferences, attending district meetings, and consulting to help schools and districts do what he does so well.

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