Using video with younger students.

Since I am an elementary tech teacher I do things differently than my middle and high school counterparts.

For example, a few weeks ago I was interviewed on a TV program about students and 21st Century Skills. I was part of a panel of tech teachers representing all ages of students. During one segment we started to talk about students doing video work in the classroom. The moderator asked me at what age do I teach my students video work. I explained that I started with the basics of videography in the third grade.

I do a lot of incredible video work with students in fourth and fifth grade so I need my students to have a general understanding of videography by the time they come into fourth grade. By the time my students finish the "Flip Video Boot Camp" they are taking better video than their parents.

We do not do anything with green screens or any fancy editing, just basic video work -- I save the hard stuff for when they go to middle and high school.

I am constantly amazed at what students can do with their 21st Century Skills if we just give them a chance and the tools (like a $120 Flip video camera).

If you would like to see some of student work from my school visit: