The Magic Number for School Technology: Seven

In my computer lab I have seven Flip video cameras, seven microphones, seven digital cameras, and seven tripods. No, it is not that I am obsessed with the number seven, it is that I am cheap.

Since I  cannot afford a classroom set of microphones, cameras, etc., seven is the next best thing. You see, with seven items you can easily split the class into teams of around four students to do some digital work. In fact, I think I prefer to have the students work in teams rather than as individuals, not to say that I would say no to a classroom set of digital equipment. Remember that collaboration is a 21st Century Skills.

When it comes to buying school technology we have got be like NASA was asked to be ten years ago: "Work smarter and cheaper."

My magic number seven works for everything from iPads and netbooks to digital microscopes and data-probes. Four students can share one digital device without a lot of drama (unless you work in a middle school).

So the next time that you are out begging for bucks, think about my lucky number seven.