School Technology I Use: Report 1

A few months ago my principal approached me with a challenge; she wanted me to find a math solution that could help both our struggling and advanced students. 
Before starting my search we came up with with a few parameters:
- it had to be easy to manage, my teachers have enough to deal with and they didn't need anything more put on their plates.
- it had to be proven effective, in other words -- it had to work.
- it had to be fun for the students to use.
- it had to be available for students at home and at school, PC or Mac.
- it had to be standards-based.
I looked at many different math programs and websites, everything from free to very expensive. After looking at and trying six different systems we went with a math practice website that is subscription-based.
So we got a subscription for each student and set up our school in their system.
We have just started to use it but here is what I can report so far:
- the set-up was super easy, I had all the students and teachers in the system in about a day.
- I spent about an hour training the teachers on how to initially use it, I'll cover more advanced features like reporting in another week or two.
- the feedback from the students has been really good. We'll see how they still like it and if it is working in a month.
I'll try and do a report each month so you can see  how this new school technology works for us.