The iPad in Schools - Week 4

I have finally started to read books on my iPad. The first book I bought was The Element by Ken Robinson, a brilliant book about students and creativity.

First off, buying the book was a breeze. I went to the iBooks bookstore, browsed around for a few minutes, then downloaded samples of about six or seven books. I read the samples and then decided on the book I just mentioned. It took about 10 seconds for it to download.

Reading on the iPad is beautiful to say the least. The screen is clean and sharp, however it sucks in bright daylight. You can adjust the size of the type as well as the screen brightness to find the settings that you like the best.

I have tried to read "ebooks" on my laptop and I have hated it every time. But there is something completely different about reading on an iPad, it is hard say, but it just feels more natural.

The iPad also has a feature that allows me to highlight and bookmark text (see photo above), now if it could just let me dog-ear some pages it would be perfect.

Students are going to love reading on the iPad, truly a piece of school technology to keep your eye on over the next few months. Imagine a student with hundreds of books and textbooks in their iPads that they can access and search at anytime, it is going to be great.