No Podcast Today

I know that you were all looking forward to episode number 1 of The School Technology Podcast, but it just didn't work out.

I had Darren Atwood, a high school art and technology teacher, from Alberta, Canada and Kristin Tarnas, a fifth grade teacher from Hawaii all connected and being recorded but I was just not happy with the sound quality. I don't know if it was just the distance between us, or the WiFi, or what.

I am going to make a few phone calls this week to see what I can do to improve things and we'll try again next week.

If any of you out there might be able to help, here are our specs: We were all using MacBooks and iChat. I think we were all on WiFi (which might be the culprit) and I used GarageBand to record it all. The problem was that the audio kept dropping, so part of sentences would be missed.

Thank  you for your patience and hopefully you'll be able to hear us next week.