Can't wait for summer.

Like many teachers I look forward to my summers off.

Not that I get to go fishing or things like that. Instead, this is when I get to go around the country and talk about school technology. I usually give about four or five different presentations over and over again as I go from district meeting to convention. And although I love to give presentations, there is something more...

What I like most about my summers are the ideas I get.

For example, last summer when I was speaking about student filmmaking, a had a group of tech and media teachers come up to me after the presentation and we started sharing ideas. Things that I had never considered before. We exchanged contact information and to this day we still follow each other's work. In fact, just this week when I posted the 5th grade movie, I got an email from this new friend of mine telling me about how he showed the video to his middle school students and challenged them: "This is being done by elementary students -- you guys can do better!" Which is almost exactly what I told my students a few months ago. "Come on kids, we can beat these middle schoolers."

I am a big believer in the sharing of information, ideas, lesson plans, etc. Which is why I started this blog, I wanted a place for tech and media teachers to get together and find the best practices and ideas for what we do.

I am planning on blogging all summer, but the format will change slightly -- I am mostly going to be focused on workshops. Everything from claymation to macro digital photography.

And one more thing... if I am in your neck of the woods this summer, make sure to stop by and say hello.