It is all about the batteries.

Whether or not you like Apple you have to admit they are masters of long-life batteries. I am so glad that the new iPads battery life is around 10 hours. Finally, a day's worth of battery-life. Apple have set the bar high for all the rest of the school technology developers, but they are just not catching up fast enough.

Case in point:

A few weeks ago my principal asked me to find her a new laptop. Her old laptop's battery was just about dead and she was only getting about 15 minutes of battery time. "I want to be able to go around the school and do classroom observations without worrying about taking a power cord with me," she said.

So I started to look around for a good laptop, however, most of the PC models were still only getting 3 to 4 hours of battery time. Come on people!

She ended up ordering herself a new MacBook Pro 13, which is rated to get 10 hours. That's what I am talking about.

I know that Apple has been criticized for not having user replaceable batteries, but if they are somehow getting laptops and iPads to last 10 hours -- who cares about being able to replace them.

If new pieces of student technology are going to be useful in our schools then they have to get a MINIMUM  of 6 hours of battery-life (one regular school day). It is ridiculous to ask students to haul around power cords and and for teachers to have charging stations in their classroom.