Using School Technology for Differentiated Instruction

Like many teachers I use my summers off to revamp and improve my lessons. In technology more than any other subject this is very important. Math, history and writing do not really change fundamentally from year to year, but teaching technology does.

There is a lot of talk in the field of education about changes and reform. Last night I watched a TED talk where Sir Robinson asked for not just education reform but for an education revolution. He mentioned how we need to stop teaching our subjects linerally, but instead start to use an organic method to instruction.

Teachers more like farmers -- I like that.

So as a teacher/farmer I am going to change my lessons to be a little more opened ended and not so boxed in. I want my students to use the technology that is around them to change how they individually approach the problem I am going to present them with. I am currently changing my rubrics to allow for more 21st Century Skills like creativity and collaboration into their projects. I literally want each child to learn in their own unique way about the subjects I am going to present them. I believe that with school technology this type of individual and differentiated instruction is possible

I am excited to see what next year will look like. I'll keep you posted.

Here is the TED talk I mentioned above.