ISTE 2010 Denver - Edtech Geeks Unite!

This summer ISTE's annual conference will be practically in my own backyard -- Denver, Colorado (it used to be called NECC if your are confused).

This is the event to be at if you are into technology and education.

There will be tons of workshops on everything you could possibly imagine and even a few that you never thought were possible. Thousands of people just like you an me are at one location for three magical days. You will finally not feel alone in your struggles with school technology integration. (It's okay to wipe away a tear now.)

One of my favorite parts of the conference is to see all the exhibitors -- to see the latest and greatest in education technology. I usually get my best ideas from talking to the many vendors. Last year I got interested in Atomic Learning and LEGO WeDO from the demonstrations I saw the conference when it was in Washington, D.C. I have already started my list of exhibitors I want to see this year.

I always return from these conferences with my edtech-batteries recharged and ready for another year of teaching and integrating school technology. The ISTE annual conference is probably the singular most important event I do for my career as a teacher.

So you can see why I got excited when Atomic Learning asked me to speak at their booth on Monday and Tuesday on integrating 21st Century Skills and on teaching with netbooks and iPads, now I get to be able to share my ideas with the attendees (a chance to pay back for all the ideas I steal each year). So stop by if you get a chance, you'll finally get to meet the man behind the blog.

See you next month.