iPod Touch now has iBooks = great news for students

I am a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I do not have an iPhone, or any kind of smart phone. Yes, I know I am a tech-head and yet I do not have a smart phone -- it kind of makes it hard on my street-cred. "Hey school technology guy -- nice phone." I can hear them talking behind my back about my old cell phone.

So last night I watched the recent online video of Steve Jobs announcing the new iPhone 4.0 Wow, what a great phone. But that is not what I really got excited about in regards to school technology. About an hour into his presentation he started to talk about iBooks, the ebook reader for the iPad. He explained some cool changes to the software, like being able to take notes and add bookmarks -- then the big news. He announced that it would be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Why is this so important?

Because so many of our middle and high school students have iPod Touches already and now they can have an entire library in their pocket. I have really enjoyed reading books on my iPad, and now that books are available for all those iPod Touch owners look out -- here comes the ebook revolution.

Here is the simple math: more books in the hands of our students = more literacy. Let's remove the roadblocks of our students having access to books, this is a great start.