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Wow I can’t believe it’s over!  I can’t believe the Tech Integration Workshop has now been completed.

So, hey, I hope you have had a great time learning all the things together with me on how to really integrate 21st Century Skills and Technology into your Building.

I just want to review a couple of things because I have got my little worksheet here in front of me, and so… Back in the beginning we really talked about the big picture, and how to understand the need for 21st Century Skills.

I made you order all those books that I hope you have enjoyed reading up until now. And I hope every year you order a few more books on 21st Century Skills.

As well as I hope you are participating in the Nings and the groups, and listening to podcasts, and doing all those great things!

Alright, let’s take a look at a couple of things.  We talked about how you have got to take the lead in it; that it is up to YOU, as the Tech person for your Building, to do all these things.

We talked about the speed bumps of really Time, Money, People and Systems.  Now I hope you feel that all that has been fixed, okay.

So, Time: I have told you all the tricks that I do to try to reduce the amount of time as well as not wasting other people’s time.  You know, I have used the tricks of Atomic Learning for all those things that people can just help themselves to, as well as the other websites and programs that I use.

Money:  We have talked about using only seven items; seven cameras and seven tripods - those types of things - so that you don’t have to buy thirty of something but you can really work on a minimal type of a set-up so that you can save as much money as possible.

People: This has all been about how to work with the people in your Building - how to work with your teachers on getting them to come along.

And I hope as far as Systems are concerned I hope you feel that this is the system that you really need to make this all happen.  So those speed  bumps hopefully have been flattened out and you can go as fast as you want now.

We talked a lot about grade level artifacts and how to design perfect ones for your students in your Building.

Of course the K-T-E-C System:  You have got to Know it, Train it, Embed it and Check it.  And that has been a big thing that we have gone through all those steps to make sure that happens.

We talked also about getting that buy-in from Administration so that you have go the backing of the Principal in your Building so that you can make sure this thing really does go forward.

You should have presented the Technology Plan to your Building so that everybody has kind of bought into it and they are all supporting it.

And then as well as supporting the teachers and everything that they do and learn. You have gathered lesson ideas and then you have embedded digital artifacts into lessons and then given those back to the teachers to be able to teach to the children; as well as combining whatever YOU might do as far as bringing it into your computer lab and those types of things.

We finished off with ideas like continual professional development for your staff, for your teachers there, and how I have got about twenty-five different courses that my teachers sign up to and take with me so that we can get all of that stuff done.

And then finally we gathered a body of evidence; all the proof that our students have 21st Century Skills.  Because remember, that is really how you prove it, you know; you have a student and you have the proof, and that really equals a 21st Century Skills student right there.

And then we finished off with the last video there; just being able to make improvements.  So you take what you have and make it better every year.  And I PROMISE you, I tell you, it just gets so much better!  I look back at the first couple of videos and animations and podcasts that I did with kids, and they were SO bad!  But we had to start somewhere.  And every year we would just get better and better and better because those kids see what is possible and then they want to do BETTER!  And it makes it so much more… it just brings so much more to the table because the kids bring so much more.  And it is just awesome to see!

So I hope all the best for you!  Once again, you can use the contact information on the “About” page if you need to get ahold of me for anything.  But other than that, it has been a great pleasure working with you and I hope all the best for you and your Building - and your students especially, so that they have got the skills that they so desperately need in the upcoming world that they are going to face when they graduate.