My ISTE 2010 School Technology Predictions

The ISTE 2010 Conference starts in just a couple of days, so before I pack my backs and go I would like to make a few predictions about what will be the thing this year.

Drumroll please...

Ubiquitous Education: Anywhere - Anytime Education. Think about it, students being able to access their education from anywhere they are at anytime they want. In my district students cannot access their student folder on the school's server from home, so we moved them all over to Google Docs and now they can access their school work from anywhere they have the Internet. I like to call it portable learning.

So I believe what we are going to see a lot at this years ISTE conference are products and services that promote this type of learning. Here are a few examples:

Netbooks: they are small and portable - perfect for ubiquitous education. provides their quick video tutorials any thousands of subject that you can get to anytime you need their help.

iPods/iPads: apps promoting curriculum when and where the student wants to learn. Check out this frog dissection...

Student Learning Systems: services like Blackboard which allows students to access their lessons anytime and anywhere they want.

I can't wait to see what the vendors and speakers will be offering this year -- I hope to be blown away.