Best Ideas from ISTE 2010 Post 1

Denver, CO - Although ISTE has not officially started, yesterday I attended EduBloggerCon and here is a list of the best ideas from that: I was able to meet Jim Gates, the man behind this website, and found him to be not only incredibly passionate about integrating technology into schools but also compassionate about the troubles teachers face in the struggles of trying to teach in today's educational landscape.

ISTE Unplugged I had no idea that this existed until yesterday -- what a great idea, an open forum for anyone with an idea now can present at ISTE, the empty slots are filling up fast so if you have an idea you would like to share, get your name on the list. Although I am already presenting at ISTE I signed up for Monday at 3:30 to talk about Teaching with iPads, because iPads had not even come out yet when ISTE closed submissions for formal presentation ideas this past winter. I was introduced to this great website which allows students to collaboratively create stories and then share them with friends and family. Is a search engine that searches both Google and Wolfram Alpha and then shows you the results in a side by side comparison. Try searching for New York City to get an idea on how they differ. Students and teachers are going to love this.

QR-Code Generator I have seen those little square bar-codes or QR-codes for a few years now, here is a website that will generate them for you. I don't really have a need for this in my elementary school, but I think it would be fun in a high school where nearly every student has a cell phone that could use these QR-codes.

I have many more ideas that I will post later today.