Best School Technology Ideas from ISTE Post 2

Denver, CO -- As promised, here is the continuation of the ideas I got from attending yesterday's EduBloggerCon. This search engine combines the results from websites with video with social media. For example; I just did a search for World Cup and I got websites, YouTube Videos, Twitter posts, images, Diggs, etc. Get the picture? I can see this working great for students and teachers, the results are so much more than just a list of websites. Here is a web free web service that can turn Twitter feeds into an online newspaper-style format that is really easy to read. Again, here is another piece of school technology that is going to be really useful in the classroom. This is a browser plug-in that makes share web content so much easier. Find a website or web article you like, just click on the icon in your browser and share it with whatever social media you want to -- super easy.

That's three more for now, more to come.