Second Day Presenting at ISTE Denver

Denver, CO -- I had a great time meeting with new people from all across the world as I did my four presentations at the Atomic Learning booth at ISTE today. During my presentation on iPads I had one gentleman in the back that kept looking at me funny when I said anything critical of the iPad. During one slide I talk about the possible knock-offs that could be made by other computer manufacturers like the new HP Slate, I caught the dismay on his face when I mentioned it. Later, after most of my people left, he introduced himself as being from Apple. He said he enjoyed my presentation overall but there were some parts he didn't really like. We had a good talk and it was great to meet someone who is truly concerned about providing the best possible school technology solution. He said that Apple is closely monitoring how iPads are being used with students and will make any improvements that might be needed.

In other news... I have met quite a few of the followers of this blog, which is always kind of fun and strange at the same time. I am still trying to get used to the fact that people know me through my online work.

Tomorrow I am off from presenting so I am just going to go and enjoy the rest of ISTE. Hope to see you there.