Website Review - Jazz

When I was doing a little research on creating timelines for an upcoming lesson I came across this great website about Jazz music.

This website is based on the 10-part documentary by Ken Burns entitled Jazz. Although it was originally broadcast back in 2001 the content is timeless.

Students and teachers will find it easy to use, the content is divided into 13 different sections, with one called Jazz Kids which has interactive activities for younger students. One of the greatest part for me was the timeline, something I am going to use with my students to show how a timeline should be made. When I teach school technology I always look for the best possible examples of what I am wanting my students to produce -- set the bar high and students will blow you away!

So get out your favorite headphones and check out some of the great songs that are included on the website.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this great website.