#edtech - Would you like to learn about it now or later?

Today I want to take a few moments to talk about synchronous and asynchronous learning, two concepts that when properly mixed could be the future of modern education. Synchronous learning is when you learn something right now from your teacher. A typical classroom with a teacher standing at the front of the room is a perfect example of synchronous learning. Great for some people, but having to always meet face to face can be really inconvenient in our modern world.

Asynchronous learning is when you are out of "sync" with your teacher and fellow classmates. Take for example an online class; you might watch a pre-recorded lecture from your teacher that was given last year, write a paper on it and submit your paper to an online wiki for a few classmates to do a peer-review. However, your classmates are spread across the globe, so they might be asleep while you are awake. The lag-time with this type of learning can become monotonous.

As you can see from my examples there are some pros and cons with both methods -- which is why I have really gotten into studying about "Blended Learning" where you mix both synchronous and asynchronous learning together to get the best of both worlds. A little face time with a teacher combined with online instruction that you can do anytime or anywhere that you want.

Now... how can I bring this into my school?

Is this the future of teaching school technology?