#edtech - Back to School iPhone?

Yesterday I went back to school shopping with my soon-to-be 16 year-old daughter, and somehow we ended up in the AT&T store with my daughter explaining to me that the new iPhone 4 was at the top of her list...

  • iPhone 4
  • notebooks
  • pencils
  • new backpack
  • etc.

Get the idea?

I don't think for a second that I am the only parent now faced with this type of a back to school shopping list. To be honest, I am not all that shocked, I remember a few years back when I had to buy a new TI graphing calculator that was $160 -- so how do I argue with a $199 iPhone 4?

So we checked the coverage map and sure enough her high school is right next to a cell tower. (dang) This is important because her high school's WiFi is locked to outsiders like iPhones and other smart phones.

She finished off her case by stating, "You should get one too and then we can use FaceTime to talk to each other."

She had me: hook, line and sinker.

So now with regards to school technology and this blog -- starting in a few weeks when students return back to school -- many of them will have more technological power in their pockets than sitting on the desks of most school computer labs.

How does this change teaching? Do we ban these items or embrace them?