Atomic Learning adds credit classes - #edtech

Admittedly, I use and abuse my Atomic Learning account. For years I have used Atomic Learning to make me look like an expert, however this fall the jig is up. You see, soon my school will have an account which means that everyone will figure out that I'm not really as smart as they thing I am -- I just know where to find answers and help really fast.

Now I need a new edge on the rest of the teachers in my school...

So I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on this morning to find out that they have added a new course offering what they are calling "IT4Educators" which are college credit classes for teachers that they can take online -- anytime or anywhere. Here's a sample of what is being offered (3 credit classes)...

  • Blogging for Teaching and Learning
  • Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
  • Google Docs in Education
  • Internet Resources for Educators
  • Moodle Integration
  • Powerpoint for Teaching and Learning
  • Technology Tools for Educators

The list goes on and on, I think you get the idea, teachers can now earn college credit for learning more about how to use school technolgy. Here is a link to the website itself.

So now it looks like I can earn a little college credit to go with all the other things I use Atomic Learning for.

Pay raise here I come.