Website Review - PBS TeacherSource

What I like most about PBS's new website for teachers is how nicely it is organized. Starting at the top menu-bar you can select the grade level for the lesson plans or activities that you are looking for. Once inside you can select from different sections like Arts and Literature, Health and Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies, Pre-K and Library Media. You will notice that many of these sources are based on the award winning programing that is broadcast on PBS stations. You will also see that many are tied back to state standards and there are recommendations on how to study a topic beyond what is shown at the site. This website fits nicely into what I have been talking a lot about lately -- blended learning, mixing the online learning with the offline (classroom) learning helps our students by allowing them to excel in both worlds. To me this is the appropriate use of school technology -- to enhance what the teacher is already teaching.

The PBS Teacher Source makes finding online lessons and activities so much easier, check it out yourself.