As they say in Singapore "Teach Less, Learn More." - #edtech

Yesterday while I was re-reading 21st Century Skills by Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel I came across a section that I had highlighted the first time I had read the book but I had forgotten. The selection I highlighted was about how Singapore was very successful in updating and modernizing their educational system. They had chosen to focus on 21st Century Skills as the backbone to their overhaul.

The deputy director of Curriculum Policy and Pedagogy, Tay Lai Ling, is quoted as saying:

We have come a long way in changing our teaching and learning methods, but our teachers and students still have farther to go. We have a new slogan at the Ministry that will hopefully encourage further change. The new slogan is "Teach Less, Learn More."

After reading this quote I really started thinking about their slogan. What the crud does it mean to teach less and learn more?

What it means to me is that teachers need to slide over from being just the teacher and take on more of a role as coach and trainer. Which got me really thinking about the new curriculum I have designed for my school technology class for this upcoming year. I started to look at each lesson through the eyes of teaching less -- what I started to see was amazing. Soon I was scribbling notes on my lesson plans, ideas that would allow my students more freedom to direct their own learning. Less time with me lecturing and more time with me helping to "direct" their learning.

What can "Teach Less, Learn More" do for you?