Big Changes for Podcasting Studio - #edtech

Last year was a huge trial-run for the students at my school. We wanted to see if it was really possible for elementary students to podcast a daily school news show -- which they did. So now that my students have proven to be great podcasters, it is time to change some things in the studio.

Change #1: Change from a laptop to a desktop computer. The laptop kept getting "borrowed" for other school projects, so it is time to have a dedicated podcasting computer.

Change #2: New soundboard software. We decided to go with the Sitter Downers Soundboard, which is freeware and really easy to work. The students love to add sound effects and music to their live podcasts.

Change #3: Record directly to Audacity. Last year we recorded to a digital voice recorder, then took it into iTunes to convert the file to MP3 and then into Audacity for editing. Now we have streamlined the process.

Change #4: Two hosts are better than one. This year I want to use two hosts, we were already set up with the mics and mixer, so this is a natural progression that should make for a better show.

Stay tuned, we start our new podcasting season in a few weeks.

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