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When it comes to teachers and integrating technology, it is all about what you have -- not what you don't have. But some teachers get hung up on the later. "But I don't have any Flip video cameras at my school, so my students can't make movies."

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Teachers need to do a tech inventory to see what is available for them when they go to integrate technology into their lessons and projects.

There are three specific areas that teachers must do a technology inventory...

  1. The Classroom: Write down every piece of technology you have in your classroom. ie: teacher's computer, one student computer, tv, etc.
  2. The School: Now go and find all the technology in your school. ie: 1 laptop cart with 28 laptops, 5 digital cameras, computer lab with 32 computers, student response system (clickers), etc.
  3. The District: Some districts have technology just lying around for teachers to check-out. ie: video cameras, USB microscopes, etc.

Now that is a list you can work with! Now you can begin to integrate technology into your lessons and projects.

And for the teacher that said she doesn't have any Flip video cameras, it turned out that she could just use the 5 digital cameras in her school in "movie mode" to record video or check-out a video camera from the district. And she thought her students couldn't make movies.

Let's not fall into the trap of thinking; "I would teach my students 21st Century Skills and technology, but I just don't have the equipment." Look around you, you might be surprised at how much technology is in your classroom, school, and district.

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