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Last week when our family was returning back from the annual pilgrimage to Walmart for back to school supplies I over heard my two teenage children talking in the back seat of the car. At first they were discussing all the new binders and pens they had just got but then my daughter said a really interesting thing.

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"I hope I get a great teacher this year," she said.

"Yeah, me too," my son replied.

As a teacher, that hit me hard. Are my two children the only ones who think this way? Or are children all over our country hoping for the same thing? Do our students really start off each school year hoping to get a great teacher?

And now for even tougher questions...

Am I going to be a great teacher this year?

How to I become a great teacher?

Can I be a great teacher for all students?

I hope you noticed that my children didn't hope for the fun teacher or a goofy teacher or a let-you-get-away-with-anything teacher -- instead, they want a great teacher. You see, both my children were in the same math class last year, and they experienced what it is like to truly have a great teacher. This math teacher is so passionate about her subject that it become infectious to her students, both of my children love math now because of a great teacher. And now they want more.

As an elementary tech teacher, I want to be that great teacher. I want my students to be excited about school technology as I am, I want them to develop life-long 21st Century Skills that will help them in a future that I cannot even pretend to understand.

Let's do it! Let's all be great teachers!

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