New Classroom Management for My Computer Lab - #edtech

Classroom management in a computer lab is a nightmare. Anyone who has ever tried it knows exactly what I mean, kids and computers are a mix that usually drives a teacher crazy.

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Here are my main areas of concern...

Student who spend their entire academic careers trying to play games on the computer when their teacher is not looking. It is their number one and only only goal in the computer lab.

Students with a wide-range of computer abilities, anywhere from students that are hacking the school server to other students who are asking you what a double-click is?

I also do not like how loud my computer lab has gotten, for some unexplainable reason students get in front of a computer and think that they can now talk to their neighbor.

So to combat these concerns, I decided to spend some time this summer looking at different classroom management strategies. Where did I do my looking you ask?


That's right, I went to YouTube for help with my computer lab classroom management concerns, and what I found was amazing.

I found a group that called themselves "Power Teaching" but now the go by "Whole Brain Teaching." I saw a technique that matched my teaching style perfectly. After studing everything I could on YouTube, I took in a Whole Brain Teaching web seminar and learned the ins and outs of this classroom management technique.

I am proud to say that I am a new and improved teacher -- ready for my students to arrive tomorrow. What out kids, there's a new sheriff in town!

I'll keep you posted on how it works.

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