Funding my elementary tech class - #edtech

The other day I got an email from a fellow tech teacher asking how I can afford things like Flip video cameras and podcasting microphone for my students to use. The truth is I do a lot of fund-raising.

Video camera in action.
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Here is the breakdown from last year...

  • Building Buget for my Classroom $100.00
  • DVD sales of school performances ($10/dvd x 212) $2120.00
  • Donations from parents $650.00
  • Grants $2700.00
  • PTO contribution $1100.00
  • Total $6670.00

The truth is that it takes money to run a tech class and even with the $6670 there are still a lot of things I need to get. School technology is not cheap. So this year I will be teaching before school Podcasting and Movie Making clubs. This should add some more money to my budget...

User Fees for my before school clubs (16 students per quarter x $35 each)  $2240.00

I hope these ideas help, what do you do for school technology money?

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