Follow a second grader's trip around the world. - #edtech

This morning while plowing through my incoming messages I came across an email from a fellow Google Certified Teacher; Darren Cannell, an assistant principal in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. In his email he explained that he and his family will be embarking on a worldwide trip, traveling to 35 countries starting in September, and that as part of his travels, his 2nd grade son will be blogging about it.

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I checked out his son's blog and it looks promising:

If you want to get really jealous, just check out the Google map and calendar, then you will see all of their destinations. I saw in the video section that they have used the TripAdvisor's new TripWow tool that makes really cool videos from your photos.

I think it would be a great idea for your classroom to follow this young student as he travels the globe this winter, part of his schooling grade is to participate in comments on his blog -- so get connected and be part of a cool project.

How can you use school technology to track this world traveling second grader?

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