The Adventures of Super Tech-Guy - Episode 1 - #edtech

I might look like just an ordinary tech teacher, but at this time of year I turn into... Super Tech Guy!

You see, it is back to school time in my building and that is when the troubles happen. My arch-enemy Murphy's Law tries to take over our school with regards to technology. Everything that was working fine with I closed up the school last spring is now in chaos.

Today's Story...

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First off, we upgraded all of our computer operating systems during the summer break, which means we re-imaged every computer. Although I warned all of the teachers to get their stuff off of the computers and back it up on our server, there is still Murphy whispering in the back of my head that I am going to regret it.

Sure enough, the moment my teachers arrived back in their classrooms there was the panic.

"Where are my fonts?!!!," they all screamed in unison.

If you have ever met an elementary teacher, then you know the two universal truths about every elementary teacher:

Truth Number 1: They laminate everything -- if it can fit through the rollers on a laminating machine, then it is going to get laminated. I mean everything.

Truth Number 2: They love their fonts -- all of their cutsie, strange and nearly unreadable fonts. Heaven forbid you ever see Times New Roman on a document in an elementary school. Oh, the madness.

So here I am, Super Tech Guy, running around with my font disk installing the bane of my existence; fonts, on all of the teacher's computers.

Peace has once again been restored to Bethke Elementary School in Timnath, Colorado.

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