That's a wrap! - Movie Making With Kids

#edtech #elearning Well, it is finally done. This quarter's movie making club finished shooting their last scene on Tuesday and by the end of yesterday it was all edited and ready to go. I am really proud of their work -- as always I am blown away by the ability of these fourth and fifth grade students to make great movies. I get a real mix of students that sign up for my seven week movie making club. We meet every Tuesday before school and we work really hard to have our movie done by the end of the quarter. This year we have gone away from our usual dramatic movie in favor of making movies with a message. Last year's movie called Don't Eat the Cookies was so intense in a few parts that we couldn't show it to the younger grade -- but this new movie is great for all ages.

The movie is called "Confidence" and it is all about a girl who is afraid to sing in from of people, when is is alone she sings great, but when she gets in front of people she is really bad. So the best singer in the school offers her some advice on how to get confidence and you'll just have to watch it to see how it ends.

Teaching students how to make movies is one of the most rewarding parts of my job as an elementary tech teacher. I love how much the students change. Take Avree, the lead actor in this movie. She had no theater training at all, but yet she turns out to be a very talented actor. Then there is Erik, he turned out to be one of the best student-directors that I have ever worked with. He was very professional and knew how to get the kids to stay on task and on time.

This year we have added a worksheet to go with our movie to help teachers use the movie as a lesson. On the worksheet there are discussion points as well as writing prompts to get the students to learn how they can develop confidence in their own lives.

So now is the time to pop some popcorn and sit back and relax as you watch our 4 minute movie called Confidence. If you want a peek behind the scenes check out the making of movie and don't forget to look at the worksheet as well.