My Student Blogging Needs a Makeover

#edtech #edchat #elearning -- This past week I wanted to throw in the student blogging towel. Nothing was working, or at least that's how it felt.
A few weeks ago I had given my fifth grade students the assignment to blog about Feudal Japan. In my mind the project was going to be great: young students doing academic blogging (oh, the awards I was going to get for this one). In reality though, everything was falling apart. So this weekend I went back to the drawing table to see how I was going to change things on Monday .
I searched for "blogging" on my Atomic Learning account and found an entire workshop based around blogging. I reviewed 5 or 6 video tutorials on some of the roadblocks we were facing with blogging. Revamped the lesson plan and now I am ready to teach Feudal Japan Blogging 2.0
The point is -- tech projects rarely work the first time you try them. In fact, they usually crash and burn with a beautiful explosion instead of accolades from students and teachers.
Fix what is wrong and try again.
I remember the first time I tried doing claymation with third graders -- what a mess. But I kept with it and kept tweaking the lesson until it was just right. Now my student can do claymation like nobody's business.
What tech lesson did you try that at first bombed, but is now running smoothly?
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