What's For Breakfast? Atomic Learning Project

#edtech #edchat #elearning Today I would like to tell you about an incredible project I did with my 5th grade students last year. Like many of you, I was struggling to find great tech projects that are full of 21st Century Skills, to solve this I turned to Atomic Learning. Soon I was searching through their ready-made lessons that are full of 21st Century Skills. It wasn't long before I found a project that was age and tech appropriate for my students.

The project was called "What's for breakfast?" and here is the description from the Atomic Learning website:

This project promotes health literacy and supports awareness of global health issues, through the exploration of how to make sound nutritional choices about the foods we eat for breakfast. The example project shown here was created using Excel 2007; however, any spreadsheet application would work just as well. We will be creating a spreadsheet to track and compare three breakfast menus. We will begin by searching for and evaluating Web resources about nutrition. After we input nutritional data into our spreadsheet, we will compare the nutritional value of different choices through the use of graphs and charts.
Can you see why I loved it? It had everything I was looking for -- global awareness, spreadsheet skills, and 21st Century Skills.
After a few quick modifications to their lesson plan I was up and running -- teaching my students 21st Century Skills. The students loved the project and I can't wait to teach it again this year (I'll start in mid-March).

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