iPad 2 for Education?

#edchat #edtech #elemchat Well, today was the day that the new iPad 2 was announced and it did not disappoint.

Sure all the new features are cool, but this is what I saw as an educator:

iMovie on the iPad 2is freakin' awesome! I make a lot of movies with my students and the only reason I still had my MacBook was to make movies. Now that I can do it on the new iPad -- who knows, but I am excited to try.

GarageBandon the iPad 2 is even more freakin' awesome! Just watch the demo on the Apple website and you'll see what I mean. The iPad has the potential to really change education.

And on that note -- Apple has started to push the iPad as an education tool. Check out their new page on their website (watch the video on this page and you'll see what I am talking about):


I plan on buying one next week, so I will keep you posted.

What did you think?

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