It's a Wrap! Another Student Made Movie Done

#elemchat #edchat #edtech Just in the nick of time we finished the 3rd Quarter Movie Making Club's movie called "The Bethke Gnome." Each time we make a movie with these 4th and 5th grade students we look to do a movie with a message.

This quarter we drew the message of "resilience."  And then during brainstorming we came up with the "Ground Hog Day" type of movie that would keep repeating until the hero gets what he or she wants.

The movie is about a 5th grade girl who wants to play Juliet in the upcoming Romeo and Juliet play -- she uses a gnome to grant her wish but her day keeps repeating until she does the work for herself and earns the role. We use the Video Storytelling Guide on Atomic Learning to help the kids with filmmaking.

Check it out on our SchoolTube account to watch "The Bethke Gnome":