When Technology Bites Back

#edtech #edchat #elearning #elemchat So this morning I was presenting a webinar for Atomic Learning about technology integration secrets for administrators, things were going great. My ideas were flowing, my slides were looking great, I was the top of my game.

I checked the little scale that tells me how many of my participants are paying attention (meaning, my webinar is the top window on their computer) and I was at 97%. This means these hundreds of administrators were really watching my webinar and not off checking their emails.

Then it happened…

I’m about half way through, and I go to ask my third poll question, I like to poll the participants because it keeps them involved, when things suddenly went wrong. I’m still yakking away, when I notice that nothing is happening. Everything is frozen. I wait a few seconds – nothing.

I panic. I’m now trying every trick in the book – still nothing.

I know what I need to do next, but it is going to kill my webinar. I reach down and restart my computer.

Seven minutes later I reconnect with my webinar and see that only 9 people stayed. I put on a good face and finish the webinar.

So how could I have fixed it?

Preparation, that’s how. I know better than this. Technology will always have little hiccups.

Number one rule with technology: Always have a plan B!

I tell teachers this all the time… If the projector won’t turn on, have your students practice keyboarding for a few minutes while you figure it out. If your students can’t save to the server, have them save it on your teacher’s thumb drive.

When I do the same webinar tomorrow I will tell my participants all about plan “B.” I made a note on my first slide to warn my participants that if I ever drop off, they should stay connected, go get a coffee, and wait for me to return.

Technology plus and little patience equals a better chance at success.

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