Blended Professional Development

#edtech #edchat #elearning I write this post as I am stuck in the airport. Actually, I am only 45 miles from my home here in Northern Colorado, but I am trying to fly to Seattle this evening to do some blended professional development tomorrow with the Northshore school district. My flight got delayed nearly three hours, so here I sit.

In the past I have called it Blended Learning, but that term is being used so much with regards to teaching young students, that I prefer the term "Blended Professional Development."

Anyone who has been in education for longer than a month knows about "PD." It is what us teachers do to get better -- or to get tortured -- depending on how you approach it. By adding the word "blended" to the front of it I believe it gets much better.

The top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington

The course I am teaching in Seattle (if I can make it there) is all about integrating 21st Century Skills into lessons and it is being offered by my pals over at Atomic Learning. Two weeks ago the teachers in Seattle got their assignment and access to the online component of the course. The teachers have been learning from these online lessons and when we get together tomorrow we will all be on the same page, which means we can get right down to work without having to spend a lot of time on instruction. This is so much better that the "old" way of doing PD.

Gotta go... I think I might be finally boarding.


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