Getting the most out of ISTE 2011

#edtech #edchat #elearning #iste11 With ISTE 2011 only a few weeks away, I have started my to-do list for the things that I want to get done while in Philadelphia at ISTE.

1. STEAL AS MANY IDEAS AS POSSIBLE. I try to attend as many sessions, courses and presentation and look for ideas that I can take back to my school. A few months from now when I am showing my staff a cool new website that I use -- I get all the credit and I look like a hero to my principal -- thank you ISTE!

2. FIND INTERESTING PEOPLE TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER. I love to use Twitter so I use ISTE as a time to find new people to follow. Most presenters will conclude their presentation with some contact info that usually includes their Twitter handle. So if you are not already using Twitter, set up an account before you go to ISTE and start to follow people you meet.

3. FIND MORE OF “MY” PEOPLE. I spend most of my life thinking that I am a strange techno-freak, but when I come to ISTE I realize that I am not alone in the universe. Last year I hung out in the blogger’s lounge and met a lot of really cool people -- I have wanted my whole life to hang out with cool people and at ISTE I do. And by cool, I mean freaks like me.

4. LOOK FOR NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. I love the showroom floor most of all. I love to talk to all the vendors and find out about new things for my classroom and school. When I think of the new and innovative things that I have added to my classroom over the past 12 years -- 95% of those things came from seeing them demonstrated at ISTE (or NECC as it used to be known as). I like to hang out at the Atomic Learning booth, so stop by and see if I am there.

That about does it. Of course, I didn’t put on my list the regulars like eating myself into a fog, hanging out with old friends, making new ones. Basically, ISTE is what you make of it, so go and have fun and learn a little about why the world of edtech is so exciting.

See you there.


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