Off to TIE Colorado

#edtech #edchat #elearning Tomorrow I am off to speak at TIE Colorado at Copper Mountain. This year will be a little different in that I will be leaving my laptop at home, everything that I will be presenting will be coming off of my iPad 2.

I will be presenting two workshops; Movie Making with Elementary Students and Podcasting with Elementary Students. So there I will be making movies and podcasts with my iPad if you can believe it. When the iPad came out last year I thought it would be a great consuming tool, but now I use it for almost everything I do. In fact, this blog post is being typed into my iPad (although I am not really typing, I am dictating instead).

So with the movie making workshop, I will show teachers the tricks I use to get students to make awesome movies and with the podcasting class I will show my secrets on how I have made over 280 podcasts with my elementary students.

If you are at TIE Colorado, please come and find me and say "Hi."

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