FLL Tips & Tricks Number 1: Starting an Elementary School FLL Team.

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At my elementary school I usually have three or four First LEGO League (FLL) teams, and I start to work on the annual FLL challenge the second week of school (around August 20th) so that I am ready for the local competition (usually the second Saturday in November)

The two factors you need to consider when starting an elmentary school FLL team is cost and size. My advise is to keep the size of an elementary team under 6 students (fourth and fifth grade students). Although FLL allows teams as big as 10, that is way too big to manage at this age. I promote the FLL challenge big in my school so a team will usually be 4 boys and 2 girls.

You should charge each child $150 to participate. If your families can afford it then great, if not, you'll have to do some fundraising. So $150 multiplied by 6 equals $900, which should be enough to buy the field kit, LEGO kits and pay for registrations. If you have any extra then you can have a few pizza parties.

- Brad Flickinger, Bethke Elementary School

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