Report: Day 3 at TIE Colorado

#edtech #edchat #tie2011 I started off the day by sleeping in and which then led to me having to race nearly a mile and a half down to another building here at Copper Mountain so I could make it to my first class, only to realize that I was at the wrong location. So I grabbed a Belium waffle and hiked back to the convention center. By the way, as I learned later in the day, there is a shuttle bus!

I slid in late to John Kuglin presentation on eNet Colorado and how to use the Cloud to build innovative learning environments. Words cannot express how blown-away I was with his presentation. First off, John is a masterful presenter who knows the power of imagery. My notes have over 25 different ideas that I got from his presentation. Above all else I am just so excited to be in edtech. During his presentation he mentioned a new partnership between eNet Colorado and and the creation of DREAM. Check out this link to learn more.

After John's presentation I ran downstairs to sit in on the roundtable about the same partnership, we were able to get down to the nuts and bolts on how eNet Colorado and DREAM are going to work.

I then had a great time with some of the TIE Colorado board members as we talked about next years conference. I can confidently say that these board members know their stuff and want the absolute best for us teachers and administrators.

I also cruised the exhibitor's hall and found some cool new products, I ran into Kim from Atomic Learning who took me out to dinner -- thanks Kim!


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