Report 1 from the ISTE Blogger's Cafe

#edtech #iste11

I can't believe it is only Tuesday, the second official day of ISTE, and I am already exhausted. It is like sensory overload for all of us edtech geeks. So while I wait for the caffeine to give me my second wind, I wanted to file this report.

Monday, Day 1 of ISTE:

I started the day in the exhibitor's hall, which is my favorite part of ISTE. I checked in with my friends at Atomic Learning to show off the cool QR Code T-shirt they gave me they were impressed and invited me to dinner, more on that later. I cruised around the other exhibitors looking for the "next big thing" which I will report on later.

Later I caught a great ISTE Unplugged session on Passion Driven Teaching and Learning by Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold, IT WAS AMAZING! I can't wait to order their book.

Soon it was two o'clock and time for my three hour volunteer stint in the Docotor is In booth to help with tech support. I brought my son Peter along and we helped attendees with their minor computer troubles, Peter mostly helped with iPad issues, like helping people set up a Twitter account. They gave us bright orange T-shirts that we wore with pride for the rest of the day.

By six o'clock we were at an incredible Italian restaurant call Maggiano's at the Atomic Learning dinner. Dan Meyer, CEO of Atomic Learning, welcomed us and then the staff of Maggiano's brought out the best Italian food I have ever eaten. I sat by Mark R. and Dave R. from the Port Huron school district who are two fun edtech guys that are doing great work in their district, plus they listened as I brag about my students -- 10 points for the two guys from Port Huron. By the time they brought out dessert my 15 year old son had eaten his weight in lasagna, but after seeing the chocolate cake, he had to dig deep to stuff a little more of that in. Dan caught on to his dilemma and ordered him another piece to take back to the hotel -- thank you Dan!

After the Atomic Learning dinner we walked a few blocks over to the Elephant and Castle for the Digital Jam with Kevin Honeycutt. We rocked the night away with all they other iPad musicians. (photos to come)

On the eleven o'clock train back to our hotel I worked on my presentation of Unbelievable Elementary Tech Projects that I am giving at 1:30 PM at ISTE unplugged -- come and see.

- Brad Flickinger