FLL Tips & Tricks Number 3: Registering Your FLL Team for a Local Challenge

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What is the use of having a First LEGO League (FLL) team if you do not compete in a competition, right? Plus you need to place well in a local competition to be able to move on to national and international competitions.

But before you run off and sign up your newly formed team to just any competition be aware that there are some "non-qualifying" competitions, kind of like exhibition-matches and not "real" competitions. If you sign up for and win one of these, well that is nice and all, but it won't get you into a state competition and on to nationals. So I don't sign up for these, for me FLL is about teaching young students how to have fun and be competitive, and I want my students to move on if they happen to win.

So with that said, look for a local FLL "qualifying" competition and register with it. There are so many FLL teams where I live here in Northern Colorado that some teams are bumped to compete in farther away qualifiers because our local one is just too full. So I try to register as early as I can and cross my fingers that we get accepted. Since this is a "qualifying" event, if we place well, we go on to the state competition in Denver that is usually three weeks later (usually the second weekend in December). We usually pay $75 a team to be in the competition plus the cost of t-shirts (additional $8/student).

I am usually confirmed with my registrations into local qualifiers by September 20th.

- Brad Flickinger, Bethke Elementary School

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