My ISTE 2011 Goals and Ideas for My Classroom

#edtech #iste2011 #elearning I am finally home from ISTE 2011 and now I am going through all of my notes and I thought I should share some of my big ideas and goals that I have for my classroom:

Websites that I am going to look into using next year with my students:

1) My StoryMaker 2) UJam 3) CrazyTalk 4)  FXhome 5)  Nokia Shorts (videos make on camera phones) 6)  SchoolWebLockers 7)  VisibleTweets 8)  PogoPlug 9)  Take2Videos 10)  LucidChart 11)  BigHugeLabs 12)  GameSalad 13)  Stencyl

Books I am going to order so I have some great books to read this summer:

1) Getting Started with LEGO Robotics: A Guide for K-12 Educators 2) Project Based Learning - Using Information Technology 3) Global Education - Using Technology to Bring the World to Your Students 4) Passion-Driven Classroom: A Framework for Teaching and Learning 5) Award Winning Digital Storytelling Projects

6) Award Winning Digital Photography Projects

New people I am following on Twitter:

@Larryferlazzo @mcleod @ShellTerrell @kjarrett @stumpteacher @shannonmiller @mrmadden77

Vendors I am going to look into:

1) BrainPop GameUp 2)  SparkFun Electronics 3)  Kena Digital Microscopes 4)  Zoomy Digital Microscopes and Easy Speak MP3 recorders 5)  BizWorld 6)  Typing Pal

- Brad Flickinger, Bethke Elementary School