FLL Tips & Tricks Number 5: Start a Team Scrapbook

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Before you even have your first FLL (First LEGO League) meeting plan to make a scrapbook of all of your team's activities. This will be invaluable later when you are working with judges at the competitions. You will want to take photos and notes on everything your team does at every meeting. Assign a team member to take care of the scrapbook.

When your students are planning their robot - take photos.

When students practice a team building activity - take photos.

I think you get the idea.

You will use this team scrapbook with your team as you prepare for the competition. I review all of the building we did, the programming, the mistakes, the successes, and team activities so these are fresh in their heads when then talk to the judges. Plus, they take the scrapbook along, so if a judge asks them how they came up with a certain attachment, they can open up the scrapbook and show them the photos.


- Brad Flickinger, Bethke Elementary School