FLL Tips & Tricks Number 7: Team Naming 101

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When it comes to naming your First LEGO League (FLL) team, some teams get it done right away and I've seen others fight over it for weeks.

I make naming our team part of the first meeting, I explain that we will take ideas for names and then we will have round one of voting. Then the top two names will be discussed and possibly improved upon. I explain to the team that whatever name gets the most votes will be our team name and if you don't get the name you wanted you will still support the new team's name because that is one of the first lessons to playing on a team.

A couple things to think about when picking an FLL team's name:

- The name should be memorable (and fun). Your name is going to be announced over the PA system at the FLL competitions and you want everyone to know who you are. I still remember from four years ago the team named the Crazy Chickens. Because when the announcer would say; "The next round at table four will be the Crazy Chickens versus the (some forgettable team name)." Crazy Chickens stood out from the more common boring team names.

- Try to include the theme in your name if you can. If this year's theme is about the exploration of the moon then try to tie that into your team's name, like The Lunar Chickens (see above).

- Most people try to include something to do about LEGO in their name and usually their school's mascot. Just remember to be original -- FLL doesn't need another team named The Mega Building Eagles.

Just remember to never let naming the team take much more than ten minutes. I once had a team argue over a name for six weeks, some students even threatened to quit if they didn't get the name they wanted. In the end we had spent so much time that our final team name never got to the competition registration so we were just called our team number anyways. We wasted a lot of valuable time that year on something so petty as a team name. So don't finish your first meeting without a team name.

- Brad Flickinger, Bethke Elementary School